Advanced Diagnostics

We have the latest in radiography and ultrasonography at our disposal. These imaging modalities in tandem with our in-house laboratory, provide us a window into your pet’s well-being. We offer the following tests to our patients:

  • In-house Blood Chemistry Equipment – Process lab results within 15 minutes.
  • X-ray Equipment and Processor – Radiograph pets for immediate results.
  • Ultrasound Equipment – Aids in diagnoses.
  • Cold Laser Therapy – Speeds up surgical recovery, while also aiding patients with arthritis and other healing/pain related conditions.
  • Anesthesia Equipment – Equipped with isoflurane gas or sevoflurane gas, used in short procedures and with at-risk patients because of its fast and safe induction and recovery periods.
  • Special Flush Equipment and Video Otoscope – Removes large debris and infection from the external ear canal. Visualize deep into the ear canal and eardrum to flush the external and middle ear, to biopsy canal growths, and to remove polyps or tumors.
  • Tonometry Pen – Measures the inner pressure of eyes to detect glaucoma. This test may be part of the routine wellness exam in breeds considered high risk, as well as in animals presenting eye problems.
  • Doppler Blood Pressure Equipment – Provides accurate readings to monitor blood pressure in all anesthetic patients and those being treated for heart / kidney disease.
  • PetMAP Blood Pressure Equipment – Monitors heart rate to determine blood pressure without disturbing your pet.