There are many great brands out there but make sure you feed a premium diet such as Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, or Iams.

Our standard comprehensive exam is $65-$80. We offer $25 off with a referral for an exam for patients who need a wellness visit.

We offer CareCredit and we have wellness plans to help spread the costs of routine care.

We routinely schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays but can make arrangements on other days if needed.

Greatly reduces the risk of certain cancers later in life. Eliminates the chances of uterine infections. Decreases/eliminates unwanted behaviors such as aggression and running off. It is also the only way to prevent unwanted litters of puppies or kittens without placing the extra burden on shelters.

We recommend around 6 months of age to avoid urinary incontinence issues from being too young and before the first heat cycle to reduce the risk of mammary cancers.

If your pet has bad breath, inflamed or really red gums, tartar buildup on their teeth, loose/broken teeth, or difficulty eating.

Unfortunately yes! Cincinnati is notorious for bursts of warm days even in the winter. Ticks have been found hiding under leaves in a foot of snow!

There can be several reasons. The most common is full anal glands. But it can also be caused by intestinal parasites or other more serious health issues.