How does wellness impact the longevity of my pet?

Wellness has a major impact on the longevity of your pet. The care of your pet encompasses many things, including diet, exercise, activity, home environment, and regular veterinary visits.

Dr. Adam Miller
Deer Park Veterinary Hospital

How often should a pet owner bring their pet to a vet?

It depends on the age and health condition of your pet. If you're getting your puppy from a breeder, they typically like to see that you bring your dog into a vet within the first couple days. If you've rescued it from SPCA, Humane Society or similar, they typically like to see them within the first week. If it's an older dog that just moved into town and is up to date on vaccines, we like to make sure that the dog has been seen within the last year.

What kind of additional testing do you recommend for dogs?

We often recommend additional tests that can help us find diseases before they become major issues. For instance, at about three years of age, we recommend running a basic blood work panel on your dog. This can help us detect liver disease, kidney disease, and other potential issues. We may also do x-rays of the chest and abdomen to ensure there's nothing abnormal and help your dog live a long, healthy life..

How do you conduct a wellness check for a dog?

A wellness check involves multiple factors. We talk to the pet owners about the home environment, preventative treatments the owner does, and the food they feed. We also conduct a physical exam, examining the dog from head to toe, checking the heart, lungs, teeth and overall body condition.

Do you have any specific recommendations for dog wellness?

Yes, we recommend feeding the proper amount of good quality food. Regular exercise on a daily basis is also important. Many dogs don't get enough exercise and need to be leash walked or at least outside, interacting with the environment in some way. Yearly veterinary visits, at least, are also crucial to keep your pet healthy.

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