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Client Name: Gail Hellmann

“Dr. Argus has been delivering high quality veterinary care to our dogs since 1988. From our beloved lab and St. Bernard, to our current little Yorkiepoo, Dr. Argus and Dr. Natale have proven themselves to be astute clinicians, both in delivering well care and managing acute problems. They are personable and available and I continue to trust the welfare of our pets to the caring staff at DPVH.”

Client Name: Lori and David Wellinghoff

We have been a client of DPVH since 2004. Dr. Argus and Dr. Natale are incredible. They are smart, up-to-date on the latest advancements in medicine, they are super sweet and truly care about our beloved dogs. I would not trust the care of our dogs to anyone else. The degree of personal attention and accessibility and the abundant time they give to us and our dogs is beyond compare. We are blessed to have the fine folks of DPVH in our lives. Our dogs could not be in better hands. We love you all!”

Client Name: Kristy

DPVH has literally saved my yellow Lab more times than I care to recall. My dog has had chronic health problems, some more of a mystery than others, since he was 9 mos old. We owe his life to the wonderful care he has received from Dr Argus and Natale and the other amazing caregivers at DPVH. More than once they have researched and called on specialists to help find the root of mystery ailments.... I consider them like family and feel lucky to have found them.”

Client Name: Jan and Harvey LeDoux

We have gone to Deer Park Vet for over 20 yrs before they built their new clinic. We are German Shepherd breeders. They are wonderful been there always even in the middle of the night for c-sections for our dogs. They have saved several times our dogs life. This is truly a triple AAA clinic and staff to fill all needs of animals they are the best IMO in Wa worth the drive from Spokane to have them take care of the needs of our dogs. Thank you all at Deer Park for always being there in the time of need 24/7.”

Client Name: Robert Schiele

DPVH has been great and convenient for me. They have been helpful when my dog had his first ear infection to the time that he got kennel cough. They always seem to have the answer and expertise when my dog has needed it and to keep him in the best shape he can be. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a long term vet for their pet. Thanks to ALL the doctors and staff.”

Client Name: Kristie Fenske
I moved to Cincinnati 3 years ago. This move brought me and my 3 cats to DPVH. Despite all their efforts I lost my beloved 14 yr old cat to cancer about 5 months ago. On that day, I found out just how special and caring the techs are. As I sat there sobbing on that unfortunate day, I realized that I was not the only one with tears. In that moment, I knew that they loved my cat Buster too. It would be only 5 months later that they would save the life of my other cat Pootie. If it weren't for the expertise, love, and support of the entire team, he would not be with me today. I could not be more pleased with Dr Argus, Dr Natale, and all of the staff at the clinic. I have had animals all my life and I have never experienced a more compassionate vet team. I will forever be thankful for all that they have done for me and my pets.”

Client Name: Ann

“I have been a client of DPVH for 22 years. The care and dedication given to my dogs (and myself) over the years has been and still is extraordinary. I have complete faith and trust in both Dr. Argus and Dr. Natale. Their staff, some of whom have been there as long as I have, couldn’t be more attentive, dedicated and loving. They get to know you and your pets, every pet is unique, and they are treated that way. My dogs’ care have ranged from puppy care to annual checkups to cancer treatments, I’ve run the spectrum, and am so thankful for having DPVH to be there for me. Dr. Argus gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever received - a dog named Lucky. Lucky was a rescue that had been terribly abused , DPVH saved his life then kept, cared for and loved him until they knew they found the perfect home for him. My story isn’t unique for DPVH , they have saved and found great homes for many dogs over the years. If you are looking for a veterinarian who will treat you and your animal with respect and want to receive excellent care, treatment and well being for your animal, you have come to the right place. Many thanks to the doctors and staff at DPVH!”

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