Spaying and neutering your pets helps keep them healthy and good tempered. It also helps to controls pet overpopulation and prevents passing on undesirable genetic traits.

When pets are not spayed or neutered, some problems may arise:



  • Intact female dogs have an increased risk of aggression and they also also tend to fight one another. If fighting becomes a habit, spaying may not resolve it.
  • When in heat, they may become moody and display signs of pain similar to human cramps with increased urination.
  • Intact females also show urges to escape from the confines of the house or fence.
  • There is often considerable expense involved in whelping and caring for a litter of puppies.
  • A mature intact male dog experiences a huge increase in testosterone. This gives rise to hormone-related behaviors such as:
    • urine marking in the house and outdoors
    • aggression towards other male dogs
    • territorial aggression
    • escape-oriented behavior to roam
  • Intact male dogs tend to have difficulty concentrating on tasks.
  • They may show abnormal behavior in the presence of a female dog in heat and show aggression towards children.


  • When dogs mate they usually tie. This means they are stuck together due to the structures of their reproductive organs. The tie usually last around a half an hour.
  • Female dogs only invite mating when they are in heat.
  • False pregnancy is common in female dogs.