Dental Month!

In honor of National Dental Month we are giving 15% off all dentals scheduled now through the end of February!


Toe amputation

When this tumor began growing we thought it was an infected nail…. unfortunately we had to amputate the toe to remove the tumor. You would never know though, he acts like nothing ever happened!

Our House cat

Here is Adam, he is one of our house cats. He loves greeting everyone as they pull up in the parking lot. 


Adam the hero!

Elaine (gray kitten) came in severely anemic to the point of needing a blood transfusion. Adam to the rescue was able to donate his blood to save this little girl. He helped monitor her the entire time she was in the hospital....  Today Elaine is happy and healthy and full of energy! 



Stella decided she couldn't walk so when Dr. Naas picked her up and she started smiling... ROTTEN!

What do you think she is?


You can't tell in this photo but Lady has the cutest underbite! We are calling her a corgalier haha... a corgi and a cavalier mix!

Lap dog!!


Honey came in for her fist visit yesterday and all she wanted to do was curl up in your lap on the floor! Such a sweet baby!

Puppy love!


Oliver got his first grooming today!