National Dental Month

February is National Dental Month and we are offering 15% off for any dental scheduled in the month of february. So hurry and take advantage of this offer!!

Flu outbreak

The canine Flu is now been confirmed in our area. Therefore, we are now carrying the flu vaccine in hopes of protecting our fur babies. The vaccine is a two part series initially so they are not fully protected until the series is complete so the sooner you start, the sooner they are protected! Call us today to schedule!

July 4th festivities

If your pet is scared of the fireworks, put him or her in secluded room with the tv or radio on to help drown out the noise. Ask us if an anxiety medication could help your fur baby as well. 

Pet owners frequently encounter misinformation about grains in pet foods.

Filler implies the ingredient has little or no nutritional value,2,3 but whole grains do contribute vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to pet foods.4 Various grain products also provide protein, which may be easier for the pet to digest than some proteins from meat. Most dogs and cats (>90%) can utilize and digest nutrients from grains normally found in pet foods.

It is National Poison Prevention Week. Find out what you can do to prevent accidental poisoning in your pet.

Warmer temperatures

With this fluctuation in temperatures the fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are out! Make sure your fur baby is protected!

New Years

Don't forget to include your pets in to your New Years Resolution. This could include anything from taking hikes/walks to grooming to taking them in for an annual check-up!


Myth: If your pet has fleas you’ll always be able to spot them.

Truth: Fleas are fast and don’t want to be spotted, so even a thorough search can overlook them. And all it takes is a quick walk near a nest of fleas to expose your pet to a whole new batch.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Be sure to share your costumes on our facebook page!

Halloween Tips... From candy to decorations to costumes...

Holiday Gatherings


Lots of unfamiliar faces and loud talking and laughter can stress your pet out. Exercise your dog beforehand and give them a special chew toy to keep them distracted. If they still seem stressed, put them in a quiet room away from all of the commotion. Be sure cats have access to a quiet room where they will probably hide all on their own.

        --Trupanion Pet Insurance

Police K-9

Did you know that DPVH sponsors a K-9 for the Amberley Police Department named Creed! 

Halloween Tips

Chocolate toxicity causes increased heart rate.

Holiday Safety Tip

With the holidays fast approaching, a quick safety tip from the care professionals at Deer Park Veterinary Hospital!

Mistletoe can cause liver damage in cats and dogs. If ingested in large enough quantities, mistletoe has the potential to produce gastrointestinal irritation, excessive thirst and urination, incoordination, a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. In severe cases, there may be difficulty breathing, seizures, coma and even death.

If you feel your pet has come in contact with mistletoe, give us a call at 513-791-8550.